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Thread: UTV Tires for Lightweight Rigs

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    UTV Tires for Lightweight Rigs

    Multiple companies are now offering large diameter skinny 35s for UTVs on 15in rims... Most are rated between 1100-1300lb capacity and presumably would be a compliant sidewall and soft compound which sounds perfect for Samurais, Yota buggies, Willys etc.. ATV tires on Sammies are not a new thing in the mud crowd.

    I'm waiting on the Maxxis Roxxzilla to offer the 15in rim. Current largest size is 35x10x14. Some odd early Mazda trucks had 6 lug 14in rims that would work though. Its basically a Trepador with additional grooving and all the outer shoulders cropped. Oh and its STICKY

    I would have rocked them on several Samurais and the Maxxis offering in 15 was exactly what I wanted for my blue one.

    Frazers.. I'm looking at you now that Whitey is pedaling its shoes.

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    This is pretty common at places like Haspin Acres. I always see Sami's and Yota's sporting UTV/SxS tires. Seems like they would be great for off-road since many are designed solely for the dirt with no compromises made for driving on pavement or being DOT compliant. Even Boggers were designed with compromises so they could be DOT compliant.

    15" rim sizes are becoming more popular in the SxS world with several machines coming stock with that size, and the tire sizes are getting bigger. Just a couple years ago I don't think any SxS's came from the factory with anything bigger than 14" rims and 28"-30" tires. Now many machines are coming from the factory with 15" rims and up to 32" tires. Right now 14" SxS tires are the most common but the selection in 15" rim is growing a lot. There are starting be a larger selection of 32"-35" sizes in all different tread choices.

    I ran a set of these tires (SuperATV Intimidators) for a couple years on my 1,800 lb. SxS. These were good all around tires and great in slick mud and loose dirt areas....keep in mind that these aren't even considered hardcore mud tires in the SxS world. They also ran pretty smooth on the pavement as I had them up to 50 mph, and they weren't balanced or anything. Did switch them out to get a taller tire and one less aggressive that worked better in the rocks down in Kentucky and Tennesee, though I still wish I had them as a second set for some riding areas.

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