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Thread: California Sammy and my daily driver.

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    California Sammy and my daily driver.

    The one on the left was shipped in from Cali. Zero rust!! All stock except a webber and a little bit larger tires n wheels. The other was bought in Mansfield and was in storage fore 15 years. Some rust on rockers but still solid and fixable. Very little in the tub and a little on front fenders. Just went through the stock carb after a flooding problem. The carbs are not user friendly, but a couple hours and I removed a piece of silicone that was floating around in the bowl and replaced the needle and seat. Cleaned all the jets ect. She pulls most hills in 5th now and is getting 2 mpg more. Everything interior wise works on both Sammys.
    The Cali Sammy is going to have the body pulled and the entire underneath will be Line Xed to try and stop the rust bug before it starts. Ive got a 1.6 8V that will get dropped in and plan on around 4" of lift so I can get some 31s or 32s under her. Havent decided what to do for a lift. There are a million different options and I will be on road 99% of the time, so I want a nice smooth ride (if thats possible).
    Any suggestions for lift would be appreciated. (I dont want SPOA)

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    I heard a lot of good things about the Rocky Road Samurai SPOA kit.

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