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Thread: Charity Ride for fellow wheeler with cancer

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    Charity Ride for fellow wheeler with cancer

    Cross posting from Jake is a good friend of mine, whom I have been wheeling with for several years. He was recently diag. with cancer and thus this this ride was formed.

    Ride for a cause this June @ Heineyfarm.....Event will generally be casual with some in-development "mini-type" events and raffles, these are in addition to the open type ride. Guided trails rides can be provided as needed. The goal is to raise money for a local wheeler. Additional local support is encouraged; please contact me directly with suggestions or information.

    The farm is definitely small compared to other parks, so we do plan to limit the rigs to 100 total. Please contact me and/or post up if you plan to attend. One goal is to hit the “100” rig limit.

    For those who don’t know, Jake Anderson is a “local” wheeler who, in the past, lived a normal and healthy non-smoking lifestyle. Unfortunately recently he was diagnosed with stage four, adenocarcinoma (lung cancer) at the age of 30.

    Surgery is not an option due to the vast spread of the cancer. As a result, a costly experimental medication is his only treatment. The purpose of this benefit is to raise money for Jake. He has expressed his interest to support a charity foundation and further details will be released as finalized.

    Event: Open ride w/ special events (ie sponsors?/raffles/etc)
    Location: NEW DATE 07-14-2012
    Time: 10am- Midnight+ , primitive camping permitted
    Cost: $30 per rig, 100 rig limit

    ---Working ideas and thoughts---
    Sponsors, clubs, and local vendors inquiries are welcome. We can work out details, contact me below. Always looking for raffle items or other things that can help raise more money.

    Currently I have been thinking of the following “special” type “Mini-events”
    1. RTI ramp contest. ? 5 dollar entrance. Split the money with the winner and charity.
    2. (zjman suggested) Time trial trail, ?valvestem or buckstop to right at crossroad? $10 dollar entrance. Money goes to charity…. Winner gets ?trophy and bragging rights.

    If I do an RTI ramp I will need an RTI ramp. If someone knows where I could “rent” one, or borrow one..... or if someone wants to sponsor one or possiblybuilding one….we can work out material costs so it can be . Contact me with the info below.

    ---Contact Information---
    Ph#: 614-354-9427 (leave message, I will return ALL calls)
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    In case anyone is following this event....Date on this has Changed to July 14th 2012.

    I will contact donnie to update post above.

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    been working getting things finalized.....July 14th will be here shortly. Here is a "flyer" recently put together.

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