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Thread: Looking for suggestions on a performance shop to install full exhaust

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    Looking for suggestions on a performance shop to install full exhaust

    First of all, this is my first post. I'm happy to find some local people with simliar interests. I just recently bought a 2003 Rubicon and I'm looking to put on a full exhaust (headers to tip). I have a quote from a friend that owns a car performance place. I think I want a magnaflow cat-back, no cats and I'm open to options on the headers. I'd really like to get a quote from an actual jeep or offroad performance shop too. Can anyone recommend such a place?

    Also, does anyone have a full exhaust on their Jeep? Any recommendations on brand names with headers or cat back? Likes? Dislikes?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I run Magnaflow on most of my vehicles some catback kits and custom build on my cj-7. Zanesville muffler and tire on 6th does a great job. They are a Magnaflow dealer and carry ss tubing also. I have bashed the bottom of the muffler on the cj and is still leak free. They tucked it up high out of the way and no issues. The kits are great all parts worked great. 97 YUKON Magnaflow catback took 20 minutes to install and has 100k on it and still looks and sounds great. I have bought many others over the years and they are the best. Just my opinion...

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    check out essential auto in whitehall. the phone 614-237-8809. they have done work on my jeep and he has some land cruisers he wheels with. nice guy. viet nam vet and he ownes the place.

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    I run a Banks Monster Exhaust on my 02 TJ. I love it. It sounds mean, but is not loud and obnoxious like some of the other 4.0 kits I've heard. Unless your cats are clogged, there really isn't any reason to cut them off. They are a high flow design and don't take away from performance. The biggest improvement to be made on the 4.0 is the exhaust manifold. The stocker is prone to warping and cracking under extreme environments. It also doesn't flow very well.

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    Anyone have work done at TrailQuest in Plain City (very near Dublin)? They're convenient to me (if needed) and would like to know if anyone knows their reputation on prices, quality of advice, and quality of work.
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    Weve got members that deal/work with them - but I don't know how often those members get onto this site.

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