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Thread: Calling on Roy (or anyone else for that matter)

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    Calling on Roy (or anyone else for that matter)

    I thought that Roy had bought a Grizzly quad so I wanted to ask his impressions of his and anyone else that has any experience with them. I have none, although I have ridden them plenty.

    Have the chance at possibly obtaining this quad. This is all I know about it.

    Any of you guys know anything about them? Pros/Cons, Advice, questions I should ask. Any major problems with this bike? I have looked around on the interent and places like ATV Rider have good things to say about them. Saw something about boiling gas, but seems like that's at higher altitudes???

    Any info provided would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Now on to the goods and pics:

    2007 Grizzly green automatic with electronic power steering..around 100hrs and 544 miles. Stage one 3 inch gorilla lift 30" silverbacks on 14" itp rims. 1.5" wheel spacers. Hid headlights has a stereo on the front with 4 speakers and a radio with cd player usb and ipod hook ups..

    First thing I'd do is pull off the lift and tires and sell them and then get something more suitable for trail riding and not mud bogging.
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    My guess is they are asking more money for this rig with all of the add-ons. As you kinda' mentioned, I don't think the lift and tires would be good for anything but mud riding......and I won't even mention what I think of the stereo on a quad!

    There is probably a good chance this quad has never seen any hard riding or true mud-bogging (mall cruiser of quads), but if it has seen a lot of mud and water I would be leery.

    I wouldn't say that I have spent a lot of time on a Grizzly, but did spend several hours over Memorial weekend riding Roy's with stock suspension and 27" tires. It already sets up quite a bit higher than many other quads, including the Artic Cat 500 4wd I brought. The extra height didn't bother me, but an extra 3" of suspension and larger tires??
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    Settle: I just found this thread...a few months after you posted it. Sorry.

    I would never lift a Grizzly. Most large ATV's are only capable of 26-27" tires without a lift. You can fit 29.5 Outlaws or 30" Zilla/Mud Lites on a stock late model (2007 & up) Grizzly 700.

    As Brad mentioned, I have 27's and run them around 3.5 psi. I like the combo---soft with excellent traction, and probably not much higher than the stock 25's at higher psi. I have a large rear box that I carry a come-along, straps, rope, some tools, and other stuff. It has a definite rear weight bias.

    The quad you posted certainly looks cool, would go through a lot of mud, and would look cool putting around on, but it would suck for any real "trail use." Axles would not hold up under abuse with those tires and (especially) with that lift.

    I did a lot of research before I bought mine, and IMO, the Grizzly was the best 4x4 utility quad for rough terrain. The Yamaha Ultramatic belt setup is widely regarded as the best CV trans setup in the industry. Reliability means more to me that max power. A Grizzly 700 will go somewhere between 65 and 70 mph with stock tires. I've had mine for a year and a couple weeks. I think I've had it to 40 mph once...on the road...that was fast enough for me. I'm not a high speed guy. If you want any more info about what I researched before buying one, search this site for "Quad advice." I think I posted it in the Off Topic forum in 2008 when I bought my first ATV. I updated the thread when I bought the new Grizzly on 8-4-2009.

    Funny, the reason I'm on the site right now is to make a new post about possibly buying a used dirt bike/dual sport motorcycle.
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