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Thread: buying a vehicle out of state then registering

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    Question buying a vehicle out of state then registering

    Does anyone know the procedure of buying a vehicle outside of ohio and the steps needed to register it in ohio?

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    I had bought a Texas car and was told I had to have it inspected at the BMV. I thought "Oh great, does the horn work, all the lights work, the parking brake..." I got there and it was NO big deal at all. They checked the VIN against the title and that the car was what it was supposed to be. It was a quick walk around, and done.

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    I've done it several times and they haven't even done any sort of walk-around. They just write down the VIN, and that's it. It costs like 4 bucks or something. The old ladies at the title office always seem to screw up the listed mileage though.
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