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Thread: Fawked up once again

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    Fawked up once again

    By putting in my outer wheel bearing in backwards. The thin part of the race is resting against the snap ring, which allows the bearing to fall out on my 14bolt. FAWK!!! Of course, I discoverd this FIVE SECONDS after I got done putting in the seal. Now I get to smash up my perfectly good brand new seal and punch the other bearing out and remove the snap ring so i can punch the retarded race installed by the retarded owner and reverse it. /rant off!!! :roll:
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    been there fact the last week at work i was test driving an 00' 3500 duelly for a brake complaint. on my drive I heard a loud boom then the truck would kind of lurge forward every now and then. Well I thought that a brake spring let go. WAS i wrong upon removal of the hub and drum I found the inner bearing WELDED to the axle tube :ahhh:. and that was fun getting that off. :D

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    I'm not sure it's actually in wrong????

    The outer bearing should be able to fall out of the hub until you get the retaining nut on........
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