I was checking some things out online and came across one of my old threads on here. I realised I hadnt told you guys how I was going to convert my EFI 2.9L to a carb setup. Im going to strip all the wiring out of my truck, redo what I want to keep, and pull the wiring harnesses off the motor so I can pull the motor itself. Then after I pull the engine and clean it up, Im gonna do a rebuild. after that, Ill find a 2.8L intake manifold, a 2.8L 2 BBL carb that is set up at 350 CFM's, and bolt everything back on top.
After that, Ill have to run the hoses and vacuum lines. Im still trying to figure out wether or not Ill need a 2.8L distributor, but I doubt it, because the module on the side doesnt effect the performance of the ignition without the computer. Ive got most of the wiring torn out of it anyway. It should run fine with the carb, because the 2.8 and 2.9 were essentially the same engine but for a few changes. Ill post everything as I go so you guys can keep up. And I took the advice on the explorer springs. I figured Id tell you they work great. Im leaving everything else on the suspension stock.
Im definitely changing the rear driveshaft though. Ill put a locker in the rear, but I think Im going to leave the front diff open, Ive found a selectable locker for it, but its expensive, so I dont think Im touching that.