The Cats meow. As most of you have seen it i have an 87 silver Samurai. With 29x10.50x15 SXs on it. 15x8 inch wheels with 2.5 inches of backspacing. A spring over and welded rear. Well Teffy and I installed my 6.5:1 T-case gears yesterday. W took the Sami out and tested them. I think they are the cats meow and possibly the best thing since instant grits when it comes to a samurai. I did most of the obstacles at the house with snow on it and it was way smoother than before. I can actually control it. Since Teffy and I did work for them they are free. So the grand total for the Samurai is $655.
Tyler Frazer
P.S.- My girlfriend takes off perfectly with it now because she kicks butt.