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Thread: 1997 Explorer transmission

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    1997 Explorer transmission

    Mom & Dad just inherited my oldest brother's 1997 Explorer (5.0L). I don't know squat about Explorers so have no idea what transmission it has; hoping one of you guys can help me out.

    Problem: Shift indicator does not work 85% of the time. Also, at times, it does not want to engage in D. Usually it will eventually engage, but it may take a few minutes idling and shifting it back & forth to get it to do so. AFAIK, it will always engage in 1 or 2, and there are no problems with Reverse.

    Does this sound like rebuild/swap time? From the little I know about autos, it sounds to me like it may be losing 3/4. Or might it just need adjusted?
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    Hmmm, interesting issue. I'm sure somebody with Ford experience will chime in but these are my general thougths......

    I assume it has an electronic shift selector indicator? Heck, it may even have an electronic shifter (no true mechanical linkage between the shifter and transmission). In any case, my point is that typically the shift indicator is really not tied into the transmission itself and therefore is not an indication that there is a physical problem with the transmission. If the indicator and/or control module for it is on the fritzed and not working all of the time, it could cause the vehicle not to actually engage in gear (especially if it's an electronic shifter) since it's not reading the proper signal.

    If the trans will engage when you select 1 or 2 also tells me that the problem is probably within the shifter and/or indicator. Whether or not a vehicle will engage when "D" or "3" is selected should not mean there is anything wrong with 3rd or 4th gears since they are not tied together. Whether or not the shifter indicator says D or 1 it still takes off in 1st gear. The only way I know of telling if 3 and 4 gears were "going out" would be to see how the transmission acts when shifting into these gears while driving (weird noises, shuttering, etc...).
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