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Thread: WHY an AOD is not good offroad

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    WHY an AOD is not good offroad


    I have built AOD's before(ford automatic tranny) and have not had any problems. I think I now understand why a built AOD is awesome on the road, but asking for trouble offroad in muddy and dirty conditions. can get valve bodies for fixed line pressure in an AOD and avoid the cable, but for offroad I would not want the harshness created by them...I beleive they would be hard on parts.

    Unlike a c6/c4/th350/th400/etc. a ford AOD's line pressure is SOLELY reliant on a cable that runs up to the throttle on the carburetor/massair meter. When set properly an AOD will have less than 30 psi of line pressure(fluid pressure that engages the clutches/servo's/etc) at idle and at mild throttle. Then when you accelerate the cable actually ups the line pressure as it is needed to hold the clutches as you give it more throttle. (up to 200 psi. depending upon whether stock or modified valve body)

    This is supposed to make it more efficient, reduce heat when setup correctly, and allow much softer shifts and engagement when pulled into gear.

    Here is why (IMO) I believe it is not an ideal transmission for offroad. The T.V. cable (the cable running to the carb that controlls the line pressure) gums up with mud and sticks. It looks like a fancy choke cable and if you remember the old manual choke, they were fine....get a little dirt/rust/muck in them and they were a real PITA.

    Well, If the t.v. cable jams and won't increase the pressure when you stand on it( read Waterhole Saturday) it will smoke the clutches almost instantly as it doesn't have enough pressure to hold the clutches firmly together and lets them slip against each other and turn blue/black and glaze up real bad.

    It's kind of like the clutch in your manual car.....once you slip it real bad, it is never the same and eventually won't hold at all.

    I am in the same spot with the AOD here.

    So, I just bought a 4x4 c6 off of Dale(a buddy of Tim/crazi429) and will probably just sell off some more parts I have laying around for a input shaft (for the dana 300)to bolt up the d300 for now.

    While I really hated to give up the over drive, the cold hard facts are I rarely used 4th gear, and even so, I don't see myself doing any long road trips with it where I will wish for better gas mileage.......

    Nope....I am going for brute strength here.....

    Right now I am very pleased with the 302. It will be nice to get the c6 in and forget about it as well.

    The aod has been tempermental in freezing weather when I got stuff wet, then with muddy conditions......frankly, It is kind of like dating a buxom for a while, but then you get real tired of the "high maintenance" aspect, the novelty wears off, and you toss her for the real deal......

    Edit: I posted this in the wrong forum and have asked Howell to move it to the Ford section....Thanks Steve!!!!
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    Good deal Steve!!
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