April 19, 2006

OMTA has been so busy working for off pavement recreation that I have neglected to keep you up to date so here it is.

OMTA is currently working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources on legislation to move our off road riding opportunities from a sideline in forestry’s program to functioning, growing resource. Yes, it takes money and we are working to provide a long-term funding vehicle, have control over the use of the funds so they cannot be diverted to other uses. This work brings everyone together for the first time ever.

You have heard that OMTA is working to get a new off pavement recreation area, it is true. We have grants forms filed and accepted for the RTP program and the Clean Ohio fund. We want to buy an area in Southern Ohio and we need you to call or write your representatives (sample letter at the end). We are meeting with local and state officials to help it happen. Please understand, having the grant forms accepted is not the same as getting the grants. Your help is what is needed to put it over the top. The area will be open for everyone, trails for all types of vehicles. This will be a first in having trails for 4x4 s.
It will not happen, there will be no grants, unless you are involved! Calling and writing is an absolute necessity. It is up to you!

OMTA is working with the Wayne. You may know the Feds have mandated fee structures for recreation in the federal forest. We are working to make sure the fees are appropriate. We are working with them on a volunteer patrol that you can join. We are also working on ways to expand the trail system, map township roads and provide scenic byway loops.

It is with pride OMTA has secured the first Polaris grant, more information as it becomes available but at this time, I can say “Thank You” to Polaris with the hope more manufacturers will help the state organizations that benefit their customers.

Fund raising is always a tough issue as OMTA goes to court for off pavement recreation, works to find money to make the grant requirements to provide for your recreation. We are again raffling off a quad to benefit OMTA, you will be receiving your book of tickets soon.

Hocking County is working on their “plan” If you want to have any impact on it see the plan at http://www.hockingcountyplanning.com/

Write them with your history of the area at
Hocking County Regional Planning Office
88 S. Market Street
Logan, Ohio 434138

This is a sample script to use when you call your representative or write your letter. This is a link to the page to find your representative http://ohio.gov/GovState.stm#ohleg


I belong to the Ohio Multi-use Trails Association. I need your help on two issues that are important to me.
First, we have two grant requests in at the Ohio Department of Natural resources. One is for the federal RTP (recreational trails program) money, the second is for a Clean Ohio grant. The purpose of these grants is to purchase property for a recreational facility in Vinton County. The park would provide reclamation, conservation and recreation with a tremendous economic boost to the area. You only have to look at the economic growth at the Hatfield McCoy area in West Virginia to see what it could do in Vinton County. The area would be open to the public and provide recreational opportunities not available in Ohio.

Second, we need your support for the ODNR’s legislative request in the supplemental budget. The changes will allow the SRV fund to provide needed funding for state recreation projects. The off pavement community and the department have worked together to write this legislation and I hope you will support it for me. If you have any questions please feel free to call me or the Ohio Multi-use Trails association.

Your truly,

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William A. Kaeppner
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