Monday night I called the Belmont County Engineers office - they must close at 4pm cause no one answered at 4:25, so I left my name, work#, and a msg asking for info about the south end of Washington TwpRd#118 being blocked. Then I called the phone# that was painted on trees at the south end of AndersonRun trail (where the 'No Trespassing" signs are, where we have been turning around to run the trail in reverse) - the County Sheriff office answered! I told them their phone# was painted on trees, along with the word "STOP", and I was calling to see what was going on with the township road. She called Dispatch and they had no idea either - so I left my name and work#. The Engineers office just called me back now - they faxed me the vacating petition from Sept.2004 that had 23 local residents signatures (most from ArmstrongMills, the town where the trail ends), and they sent me a map showing what exactly was vacated. From our usual turn-around point on the trail TO a debris pile on the edge of town - is vacated. BUT the last half mile of road, which is in the town, is still open. Im guessing half a mile was vacated, all being on Helen Walter's property. More than a year has passed since the vacating - so I doubt there is anything that can be done. I tried contacting Bill Godwin (club member) who lives near Barkcamp (St.Clairsville I think) but his e-address no longer works - does anyone know how to contact him?