Continued: Shocks!

With new found height I needed to measure for shocks.

It actually moves around decent up front, the rear is not as flexible but it seems stable. Up front it cycles 8.5" of shock and the rear is only 3 but that has to do with geometry of shock mounting.

Since I have the early short shock towers on the frame and the late model shock mounts on the axle tube I need to cut one of them off and either use the U-bolt mount style of the early CJ's or make some shock towers to extend the mount up.

In the tests I did not rub at all flexed lock to lock thanks to the wide track axles. That was even without bump stops extended so that is also on the list of To-Do's.

Most recently I pulled the rear leaves apart to remove the aluminum angle shims that had the pinion pointing at the T-case output and causing vibrations with my single U-Joint driveshaft. Pulling them seemed to help the drive vibrations but now I get some in reverse.. and without vibration now I can hear my pinion/carrier bearings growling. Sucks to pull a pair of axles that literally were babied for 70k miles to put in some slightly abused/neglected ones. Just Empty Every Pocket