These rules are meant to keep everything running smoothly at Ohio 4x4 and, specifically, keep people from being suspended or banned -- the last things we would want to do. Therefore, if you read these rules (and you really should!) and abide by them you should have no problems from us.

Posting Guidelines:

The following are strictly prohibited:

1. Spamming of any kind on the forum or through private messages;
2. "Bumping" your own thread within 24 hours of no reply;
3. "Flaming" other members;
4. The excessive use of profane words;
5. Abusing the Management in any manner;
6. Posting in any language but English.

In addition:

7. Posts in a particular forum need to stay on topic.
8. Users may not post or upload content that is obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, or otherwise offensive.
9. Offensive words or language will not be tolerated.
10. Be respectful of other users and don't attack someone personally.
11. Do not start more than one topic in a single message.
12. Posts should be coherent.
13. Using multiple accounts at a single time will not be tolerated.
14. And finally, users should use common sense about cooperative and constructive messaging.


A yellow/red card system is used to enforce the rules. Rule violations, or moderator's discretion, will result in a warning, yellow card, or red card depending upon the infraction. Yellow cards result in a temporary ban. Red cards are a permanent ban. Two yellow card infractions will result in a permanent ban. All decisions are made entirely at the moderators discretion.

All decisions are final.

Use of Signatures:

Each Ohio 4x4 member's account comes with the ability to display a signature which can be used to promote their website, business, or just themselves.

1. Signatures must be set up in your profile and not manually added to your message.
2. No affiliate or referral ads.
3. Signatures can contain images, but must reside on a different server, no offensive images.

Staff Structure:

Admin(s): BR, AB8JC,
Moderator(s): sourpwr, afastfour, Knoxville, SES, clarknorm, Roy, Brad, Evan

If you feel that someone is in violation of something above and you wish to report it please use the "report this" located below each post.

If you have any questions please PM The Management or email admin@Ohio


These rules are subject to change at any time. Please check back for updates or view the Announcements forum. Ohio 4x4 TrailRiders cannot be held liable for the actions of our members or forum members.